NFL Combine 2017: Most participants by college, conference

Who will participate in the 2017 NFL Combine in Indianapolis?

The NFL on Wednesday released the list of all 330 draft prospects officially invited to perform in its biggest pre-draft workout showcase from Feb. 28 to March 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Is it possible the greatest Packers team of the Super Bowl era was not coached by Vince Lombardi? It’s not only possible, it’s true. If you’re arguing about the best Packers team, you might include the 1962 Lombardi squad that went 13-1, but the team you’d place it against in the conversation is this one. Brett Favre’s only Super Bowl victory came with a team so complete it led the league in scoring offense and scoring defense, and whose Super Bowl MVP was primarily a special teams ace. The ’96 Pack had it all.

Did the Patriots complete the greatest Super Bowl comeback, or did Atlanta present the greatest Super Bowl choke? Well, yes. It was a lot of both. The Patriots had no business being in the game after trailing 28-3 in the third quarter and 28-9 entering the fourth. They almost certainly would have run out of time had Atlanta QB Matt Ryan not dropped deep to throw on third-and-1 inside the final 10 minutes, a decision that led to a strip sack that turned the game around. But New England did dominate regular-season competition in the AFC East and was not challenged in the playoffs on its way to Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys the Super Bowl. This Cheap MLB Jerseys team had the numbers of a dominant team, but it never totally felt that way.

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