The Browns do need a quarterback

“There’s a lot of pressure in this business, especially on the quarterback position,” the former Falcons offensive coordinator said. “How are they going to handle pressure? How are they going to handle adversity. No matter how good you are, everybody is going to tell you how bad you are sometime during the year. All that stuff goes into play when you talk about, to me, one of the most scrutinized positions in sports.

“Really it’s how quick they process things. You can tell talking to people who’s capable of processing a lot. But the smartest people aren’t always the best quarterbacks, either. You can’t over-process things. It’s how quick they react in the pocket. Do they watch the rush? Are they fearless? If they’re watching the rush at all, it’s very hard to make the reactions you need to make in this league with how quick windows close. You want to see how quick their decision making is, not only in the pocket but when they’re under duress.”

“The Browns do need a quarterback. You can trade both of them,” Watson said directly to Garrett. “I’m sitting right there. They need two.”

Watson said Friday it was a bit of an inside joke between he and Garrett, who had met a year earlier at the same banquet when Watson accepted the 2015 Davey O’Brien Award.

“At that time, the Cowboys were looking for a quarterback and Cheap Mitchell And Ness Jerseys I told (Garrett) that if I was able to come back to get the Davey O’Brien Award next year, then you have to draft me,” Watson explained. “That was Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping the joke.

“The Davey O’Brien people wanted me to bring that up like, ‘Hey, I kept my promise, now you’ve got to keep yours.'”

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