Steve Kerr open to taking less money if the NBA shortened its season

The debate about resting players continues and some big-name NBA coaches chimed in Tuesday night with their thoughts. Warriors coach Steve Kerr had perhaps the most interesting take, though, as he brought up the idea of taking less money when asked about a shortened season.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to it, even at the expense to my own salary, but it’s something that everyone would have to agree to,” Kerr said before the Warriors’ game Tuesday. “I think even just going down to 75 games, I think that would make a dramatic difference in schedule. Now I don’t see that happening because there is money at stake for everybody.

“I do think this can be remedied though — maybe not remedied — but I think it can be dramatically helped with what the league is already working on for next year and the consideration of geographics when it comes to the schedule.”

In a memo to teams this week, NBA commissioner Adam Silver UK Cheap Jerseys called this “an extremely significant issue for our league.” The main issue is resting big-name players during nationally televised marquee games, which upsets television partners.

The coaches understand the frustration by both TV networks and fans, but at the end of the day, they want to do right by their players.

After news spread that Barnes was headed to the Warriors, he posted a message on Instagram saying this is one of the best days of his life.

Barnes was collateral damage in the Kings’ blockbuster trade involving DeMarcus Cousins. Sacramento needed to clear a roster spot in order to acquire the players they traded for, and so Barnes was waived.

As for Calderon, he won’t get to play for the Very Cheap Jerseys Warriors, but ESPN is reporting the team will still honor its commitment by signing him before waiving him again. That way, he will get the money he would have received as a member of the Warriors but leave open a roster spot for Barnes.

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