Who is James Conner, and why is he leading the NFL in rookie jersey sales?

Myles Garrett isn’t leading the NFL in rookie jersey sales. Neither is Deshaun Watson. That honor belongs to James Conner, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ third-round draft pick in 2017, according to data from Dick’s Sporting Goods. And there’s a good reason.

Now listen, I know I’m not on the same level as a man who has his own professional bull riding team, builds and adapts houses to the needs of wounded veterans, or has killed a wild boar with only a knife. I can’t fool him with some machismo that isn’t there, or by becoming a jerky expert over night. What I can do, however, is show him that I’ll put in the work to be part of his wrecking crew, caring about what he doesn’t have time for or hasn’t even considered may be important to him.

I’ll admit, I know much more about friendship than I do golf, but I like to think that just means that we both have plenty to teach one another. Will it be enough to earn the friendship of this tall man? Find out by watching above. Or just wait, I’ll probably tweet the spoiler at some point today, whatever.

And when I put him down the second time, his eyes got big. He was like, ‘Oh, my god! I think you just saved my life, man!’ It was crazy, Freeman said.

Freeman had never applied the Heimlich maneuver before. He said his mother is a nurse, and she always talked about it. So Freeman used the information he gathered from his mother Cheap NFL Jerseys USA and put it to good use.

Later, Freeman said Ryan continued to eat his brisket.

Crazy, Freeman said. Hey, I guess that was some good brisket. He Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys wasn’t about to let that go to waste. You can’t get between a man and his brisket. I get it.

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