Recalling LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant: football edition

As LeBron James’ high-scoring Cavaliers take on Kevin Durant’s high-scoring Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals, we can’t help but recall the time high-scoring “Team Bron” topped high-scoring “Team KD” on a December night during the 2011 NBA lockout … on the football field. “LeBron’s Flag Football Classic” was played at the University of Akron in James’ hometown. Here are some highlights.

“The union has undergone a comprehensive review of rookie contracts and language in those contracts for this year,” NFLPA spokesman George Atallah told ESPN on Wednesday. “The CBA explicitly prohibits players from some of the language that we have seen the clubs attempt to impose in these deals. We are considering all of our options to protect the players and enforce the CBA.”

Some examples provided to ESPN include:

“Clauses that require players to submit to multiple offseason physicals at the team’s request — more than the two permitted under the CBA.

“‘Automatic repayment’ clauses that allow teams to Cheap Steelers Jerseys directly withdraw money owed for Cheap Softball Jerseys expenses such as fines, services and tickets from players’ paychecks.

“Language that forces prospective free agents to secure permission from their current clubs before their agents engage other teams in discussions during the pre-free agency ‘legal tampering’ period.”

The union sent letters to notify the NFL management council of the possible CBA violations. Collins said he doesn’t know “what’s going on with (Beckham) and the organization.” Collins, though, also stressed that he isn’t sweating Beckham’s absence, either.

“I talked to him and he says he’s good,” Collins said. “He’s working hard and doing what he needs to do for himself and getting ready for this season. He’s not taking any days off.

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