Steelers’ James Harrison submits third offseason drug test

James Harrison can’t seem to escape the NFL’s skepticism.

The Steelers linebacker on Tuesday shared a photo on his Instagram account of what he claimed was his sample for his third random drug test in as many months this offseason.

In the hashtags of his caption, Harrison appeared to say that he also was tested March 29 and April 27. Although the league can test players up to six times in an offseason under the collective bargaining agreement, the 14-year veteran believes he’s been unfairly singled out after being one of five players investigated by the NFL last year over an Al-Jazeera America report alleging PED use.

While his weight room videos of his superhuman strength raise questions, the 39-year-old maintains he doesn’t need PEDs to extend his all-time sack record with the Steelers.

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