His father’s jersey hangs in the Marriott Center

James takes a hard hit on the chin in a collision with Tristan Thompson. He remained on the floor for a minute before his teammates helped him to his feet. He stays in the game and takes it to the rack for a layup on the next possession. So yeah, he’s fine.

It’s another fast-paced game. With seven minutes left in the first quarter, the Cavs lead 17-13. James leads all scorers with nine points on 4-of-5 shooting. Durant has made all three of his shots and leads the Warriors with eight points. Something to note: Golden State already has four turnovers.

Kyrie Irving opens up the scoring, but the Warriors answer quickly with two 3-pointers from Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Good offense from both sides early.

While Ainge faces a crowded field in the Nov. 7 special election, BYU political science professor David Magleby told the Tribune, “being the son of a highly recognized and highly regarded local favorite (is an advantage). …

“His father’s jersey hangs in the Marriott Center, and it’s a name that’s going to be widely known,” Magleby added. “… Who can forget that basket-to-basket drive at the end of the Notre Dame game in 1981?”

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