LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are most certainly a “Big Three”

Will that hold, though, against Cleveland? During the season, one of the many complaints about the Cavs’ defense was its inability to stop transition, and at 18.9 points per game allowed on the break, Cleveland was 25th in the NBA. They’ve cleaned that up drastically, holding teams right around 14 fast-break points per game in the playoffs, which could be a reflection of the weak teams they faced, stepped-up defensive effort on their part or a combination of both.

Almost 20 percent of Golden State’s playoff possessions came on the break. Not only are they very capable of getting to the rim in those situations, they have a knack for knocking down transition 3s, which can be big-time momentum-builders. The Cavaliers will have to keep the Warriors in the halfcourt as much as possible.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are most certainly a “Big Three” — Tragically, these three have rarely been afforded a long stretch playing alongside one another throughout their tenures in Cleveland. Injuries and rest breaks have threatened to undermine the pretense of this groups’s status, but Game 4 reminded NBA fans that when all three play well on the same night few can beat them.

James recorded his NBA Finals-record ninth triple-double, while displaying a rediscovered outside shot. His tenacity driving to the basket helped create shots for his opponents beyond the arc, where Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike Love and Irving, who finished the game with 40 points, were Cheap Authentic Jerseys From China steelers_120waiting to strike.

Irving cemented his status as one of the best guards in the NBA. Whether he was getting to the rim or knocking down outside shots, he looked explosive while carving up Golden State’s defense.

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