NBA free agency: Gordon Hayward solves many of Celtics’ problems

Gordon Hayward announced Tuesday evening he would be signing with the Celtics. The article below was originally published on June 22.

After being left off of the All-NBA team this season, the Cheap Steelers Jerseys Jazz lost a huge edge when it comes to retaining Gordon Hayward. Whereas they would’ve been able to offer him $223.7 million over five years had he made one of the All-NBA teams, the most they can offer him if he opts out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent this summer is around $175.7 million.

According to The Step Back’s Jeff Siegel, that’s more than the $130.2 million other teams can offer Hayward over a maximum of four years — although he could come close to making up the difference if he still commands $30 million per season when his next contract expires — but the gap isn’t as significant as it would be if he was eligible for the super max.

Richard followed the 2016 postseason, rooting for his old teammates much like he cheered on the Cubs stars of his childhood.

“I was pulling for the guys, friends that I knew,” he said. “… I wanted them to do it. I had seen what they had put into it, so I watched all of the games and pulled for them.”

The mixed emotions Richard felt watching the Cubs celebrate their Game 7 victory was shared by other former North Siders who spent the end of 2016 in a new uniform.

“It was tough because I had invested all the time from spring training on toward that goal, so to be stopped halfway was tough,” said Yankees starter Adam Warren, who came to the Cubs from the Yankees in a 2015 trade, then was traded back to the Yankees last summer in the deal that brought Aroldis Chapman to Chicago. “I didn’t want to be drawn away from something special that was going on there.”

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