It’s better to count on the bird in hand rather than two in the bush.

The Thunder are the most stable situation for George right now. He will play this season out with the league’s MVP, and they’ll likely have one of the best defenses in the league next season.

They won’t have the firepower to hang with the Warriors, but their roster may be the most capable of defending them in the conference. Playing with Westbrook will only open up more opportunity for George.

There’s no telling if anyone will commit to playing with the Lakers next season without assurances from George. Even if he does give that assurance, who knows what the rest of the talent on the roster will look like.

Good teams in the Western Conference — teams that would certainly be playoff locks if they were located geographically towards the Atlanta — will have lottery picks in 2018. That adds to the talent disparity.

Moreover, players congregate to other stars and teams strive to make that happen, which is why Butler and George ended up out West. It’s a star-driven snowball that is so hard to stop once it gets rolling in one direction. Another minor factor is that the West coast has turned into the preferred destination for young male millionaires, more frequently seeking out the entertainment districts of Los Angeles and the booming tech industry of the Bay Area than places like New York.

In the 2015-16 season, the West was only plus-14 over the East. That Cheap Vintage Jerseys vaulted to plus-42 last year, and it will probably rise again in the coming 2017-18 season. That will happen whether Cheap USA Jerseys Irving or Anthony get traded West or not. But if they do, the rich keep winning lotteries.

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