Petition to remove Ray Lewis statue from Ravens stadium passes 60,000 signatures

After warning Colin Kaepernick to keep quiet about social activism earlier this year, ?former Ravens great Ray Lewis knelt during the playing of the national anthem Sunday with current members of the team.

“And look at my fellow players and I looked at these young guys. I’m not in the protesting business, I’m not into this, whatever (Donald) Trump wanna say. I’m not into that mess, but if these young boys doing what they doing, then I got to meet them where they are.”

“You’re just talking about kids, you’re talking about the kids who got mothers, mothers who sacrificed everything and families who sacrificed everything, and now you don’t give us no platform to say nothing on — it just baffles me that he would come out and say something like that.”

“Koo’s a very talented kicker,” Novak said. “He’s got a live leg and a lot of talent. I actually went to the game last week with my wife and watched him in warm-ups, watched him throughout the game and I was really impressed with his leg strength.”

The change at kicker comes after Lynn vowed to make changes following the Chargers’ winless start.

Lynn had this to say when asked why he didn’t make the change at kicker two weeks ago.

“Two weeks ago, Koo was kicking the ball fine,” Lynn said. “He had the one Cheap Blank Hockey Jerseys bad outing against Miami, but players have a bad day, a bad game every once in a while. But watching him over the last couple weeks in pregame and practice, I’ve seen enough. It was time to bring in someone Cheap Baseball Jerseys with a little more consistency, a little more experience.

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