What re-regression? Matthew Stafford got paid.

Jim Caldwell got paid. So they’re simply rewarding ownership’s expensive faith in them. They needed each other to revive their reputations as leaders and offensive stalwarts, and it has blossomed into a beautiful relationship with no break-up in sight. At 3-1 and playing some complete football, the Lions have chosen not to revert to the 7-9 teams of 2013 and ’15, but rather build on the wild cards of 2014 and ’16 to push for that playoff breakthrough.

Credit GM Bob Quinn for brining some of the Patriot Way to Detroit with personnel moves to help Stafford, Caldwell and steady defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. The Lions are here to stay, battling the Packers for NFC North titles for as long as Stafford is on the team.

Carr’s brother David, who works for the NFL Network, said Carr was surprised by the diagnosis.

“He’s bummed out, as you can expect,” David Carr said on the network. “He didn’t see this coming. He thought it would be something that he could work through, get loosened up by Wednesday or Thursday, go out and practice.”

Players can typically return to play as the pain allows, even as the bone continues to heal because of the low risk involved.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton suffered two transverse process fractures in a car accident in 2014 and missed one game. Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo also missed only one game after suffering two transverse process fractures in a game in 2014, the result of a knee in Cheap Germany Soccer Jerseys the back by Washington linebacker Keenan Robinson.

With Carr out, Manuel will step in as the team’s quarterback Cheap College Basketball Jerseys for Sunday’s home game against the Baltimore Ravens.

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