49ers coach: It would take a lot to trade LT Joe Staley

The San Francisco 49ers are 0-7. The trade deadline is next week. In seemingly every other American sport this combination would make the Niners heavy sellers heading into the weekend.

He told SiriusXM Radio the next day, “Do I feel like I can still play? Of course. My passion for the advocacy work that I do outweighs football at this point, so I’m Vip Cheap Jerseys not coming back to play for a contender or to do anything else. I’m done with the game of football.”

“If I’m not traded, I’m going to work my butt off here and whatever happens, happens. You’re not going to hear me complaining or nothing anymore. I’m just going to be quiet and let everything fall into place.”

The question had been asked likely millions of times already Wholesale Jerseys Cheap that night, throughout the rest of the 40-0 shellacking the Ravens delivered to the Dolphins. The answer, of course, is yes — NFL rules (Rule 12, Section 2, Article 6-d, specifically) give the referee the leeway to eject players for “flagrant” actions.

The Ravens, up 13-0 at the time Alonso plowed into Flacco with a forearm to his head as Flacco slid, had to play the rest of the way without their starter, the final 32 minutes, 50 seconds. Alonso got flagged, and also jumped by a handful of Ravens, but if he misses any playing time, it will come later if the league suspends him.

“It was bang-bang,’’ Alonso said of the hit. “He got to the point where I thought if he had slid a second sooner — I’m anticipating him sliding, and I was going to not him him, but I think it was a second late, which is why I hit him.’’

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