Jim Caldwell’s seesaw results cost him his job after the Lions failed to make the playoffs again.

Cooter is likely to be retained, but Patricia will have a challenge in trying to get someone as good and experienced as Austin for the defensive coordinator position under him.

Green Bay fired Dom Capers but made a fine hire in Pettine, the former ace assistant to Rex Ryan. McCarthy also will be working with a new general manager, Brian Gutekunst, promoted to replace reassigned Ted Thompson. They were welcome changes after a non-playoff season. Philbin returns after holding the same position seven years ago.

Ke-Zire; I think that’s how you pronounce his last name. I said, ‘Boy, if he was playing in one of these games, he would be Patton ‘A Streetcar Named ‘ Kizzire. But I digress. But ‘Oh, What a Thielen, Dancing on the Ceiling’ is a lock. What you hear will be fresh, trust me. Like morning coffee.

I miss the action. I miss my teammates. Randy [Moss], Matt [Hasselbeck], Charles [Woodson]. I worked with them last year so I always root for them. I root for Rex [Ryan]. I think Sam [Ponder] did a good job. Remember it went back to three hours. That’s no layup, I can tell you first hand. So I miss the action. I miss being in there from start to finish. I miss being on top Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys of all the teams — or at least trying to be. I didn’t leave it because I got tired. I left it because I did it a long time. It was mutual.

Bortles isn’t a good enough quarterback to bail out the Jaguars. He needs to throw the ball when the defense isn’t expecting it, when he can also throw short of the sticks. The Jaguars need to make his life easier by letting him throw on early downs instead of trying to hide him until the most-challenging passing down.

Don’t look now but even as disappointing as the Bengals have been, their season is not totally, completely over. They can get back to within a game of .500 if Cheap Baseball Jerseys China they beat the Browns on Sunday. Given that it appears there just might be an 8-8 team in the AFC playoffs, the Bengals still have some possibilities.

But that one botched call does not account entirely for the Redskins squandering a 15-point lead late in the fourth quarter. They did their part, also.

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