The Redskins, including owner Daniel Snyder, linked arms on the sideline, while several knelt.

The NFL’s concussion protocol received a fresh round of criticism after multiple quarterbacks returned to the field in Week 10 after showing clear signs of a Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys potential concussion or experiencing symptoms afterward. The NFL is doing more than ever. Is it doing enough?

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country,” Trump tweeted at 6:44 a.m., “you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!”

The Raiders, except for a few individuals, sat as a team on the bench during the anthem ahead of the Sunday night game vs. the Redskins. Owner Mark Davis said earlier that they had his full support, telling ESPN: “Over the last year … the streets have gotten hot and there has been a lot of static in the air and recently, fuel has been added to the fire. I can no longer ask our team to not say something while they are in a Raider uniform. The only thing I can ask them to do is do it with class. Do it with pride. Not only do we have to tell people there is something wrong, we have to come up with answers. That’s the challenge in front of us as Americans and human beings.”

The team released a statement around the same time, but did not specifically mention the president’s tweets as many other owners had done so earlier Sunday.

The Panthers moved to 6-3 and the Falcons fell to 4-4 in the NFC South, as 6-2 New Orleans continues to lead the NFC South, winning for the sixth straight time after an 0-2 start. That’s something only the 1993 Cowboys and 2007 Giants have done and both went on to win a Super Bowl.

Every week the question arises: Are the Los Angeles Rams for real? Well, they’re 6-2 after crushing the woeful 1-7 New York Giants. The Rams are scoring 30.3 points per game, which is second best to the Texans in the NFL. A year ago, they averaged 14 points, last in the league. For the Giants, the bright spot is that Eli Manning now has passed for over 50,000 yars, a level accomplished by Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys only seven quarterbacks in NFL history.

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