David Tepper will get a substantial tax savings for buying the Panthers

New Panthers owner David Tepper has always had great timing, as evidenced by his enormous success as a hedge fund manager. His timing has never been more impeccable than it was when he bought an NFL team.

Beyond the fact that he nailed down the $2.275 billion price just before the U.S. Supreme Court opened the floodgates on gambling (possibly resulting in a tremendous spike in franchise values), Tepper will benefit on the back end from a tax law that allows him to essentially drive down the practical cost of the transaction by many millions of dollars.

As explained by Katherine Peralta of the Charlotte Observer, Tepper will be able to write off roughly $120 million per year for the next 15 years. A tax expert explained to Peralta that the law makes the effective price of the franchise roughly $1.7 billion.

Whenever Alderson’s run with the Mets is over, the club already seems set with his successor:

In any case, his heir apparent was identified long ago; next in line is presumed to be assistant GM John Ricco, a longtime Mets and MLB employee who is a holdover from the Minaya years and is extremely popular throughout the organization and the game.

Nope, not even Derek Jeter did it.

Last season, Gregorius became the first Yankees shorstop to record back-to-back 20-homer seasons, another thing Jeter never did.

The Rush fact checks Lonzo Ball’s diss track about his teammate Kyle Kuzma and we celebrate the Warriors championship parade with a party of our own, featuring a very special guest.

All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald is not attending the Los Angeles Rams ‘ mandatory minicamp while he continues his lengthy quest for a lucrative new contract.

Donald wasn’t on the field with his teammates for the Rams’ first minicamp workout Cheap Football Jerseys Tuesday, and he wasn’t at their training complex for their off-field commitments Monday, either.

The NFL Defensive Player of the Year also skipped the Rams’ voluntary Cheap Echl Jerseys workout program over the previous two months.

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