NFL taking heat for staying silent on White House controversy

The NFL has no desire to engage the President on the anthem issue or any other actual, perceived, or potential controversy. And so the NFL has adopted a see-no-evil/hear-no-evil/say-no-words approach in response to the cancellation of the Eagles’ visit to the White Authentic NFL Cheap Jerseys House, along the various other misrepresentations, embellishments, and/or flat-out lies that have been told about NFL players in the wake of the move.

Through it all, the NFL ends up looking even more impotent and ineffective, which further underscores the chronic failure to fix the anthem problem months before the hiding-in-plain-sight ingredients to a recipe for a major storm of something other than snow came together and splattered all over the league’s face.

Let’s be as plain and simple about this one as possible. The NFL created the mess in 2009 by deciding to make the players props in an effort to wrap the Shield in the flag. As part of that effort, the NFL wrote an anthem policy that made presence on the sideline mandatory but standing during the anthem optional.

I think health and safety for our players is paramount, Luck said during a recent visit to #PFTPM/PFT Live. That’s very important. I think . . . that the research that’s been done, the focus that’s placed on health and safety, particularly brain trauma . . . has been very impressive. Leagues, whether it’s the NFL or whether it’s college, and of course the college rules are used by most of the high schools, they’ve really taken that information, some of those early findings, and are changing the rules or changing the practice schedules, eliminating two-a-days, those sorts of things.

I think by and large football fans support that. And we’re going to continue to act responsible in that manner. Football at the end of the day is still football. Obviously it’s a physical game. It’s a contact sport, collision sport. I think those fans that enjoy that contact and collision ,they’ll see that. But we are committed to making sure the game is as safe as it can Basketball Jerseys Cheap be for our players.

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