Verlander is in his age-35 season and is better than ever. Literally.

His ERA+ of 253 for his first three starts would by far be the best of his career if he maintained it for the full season. (Which he won’t.) Still, his 140 ERA+ in 2016 and 132 last year were both well above his career average (124). Verlander is going strong, and is also a unicorn.

You can see the perceptions shift in the way day-to-day coverage of the game has evolved. Postgame questions about when a manager put the hook in a guy used to be standard fare. Now, they’ve slowed to a trickle, perhaps because even the media have come realize these decisions are now mandated more by organizational mantra than they are managerial preference.

Another counterpoint in the Hurdle universe: He allowed Jameson Taillon to complete a one-hit shutout against Cincinnati a week after Williams was pulled from his no-hit bid. Taillon needed only 110 pitches to finish that game, so it’s not like Hurdle was abusing him.

Should the Giants draft Barkley at No. 2? I don’t think it’s a great idea. That opinion has nothing to do with Barkley’s considerable talent. I’m just not sure that the economics of the NFL and the running back market make it a smart decision to use the second overall pick on any rusher. Even if Barkley turns into a superstar, the Giants will be settling for a low-ceiling option if they draft him at No. 2.

To understand why that’s the case, you have to look at both the recent draft history and the economics of the NFL under the current collective bargaining agreement.

Part of the value of the draft is selecting players who will make Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys a fraction of their true market value over the course of their rookie contract. Take Carson Wentz, who played at an MVP level in his second season before suffering a torn ACL. If Wentz were an unrestricted free agent this offseason, the 25-year-old would have no trouble finding a contract that would pay him $30 million Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys per year for the next three seasons.

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